Vegan excuses and a recipe that proves them wrong

People have a million and one excuses for not going vegan. I address one of them here and give them a recipe to prove them wrong.


Autumn Fruit Crumble

I have heard distressing rumours that Americans don’t really eat fruit crumbles. Pies yes, cobblers yes but not the wonderful warming treat that is the crumble. I hope that someone in the comments below will tell me that this is just vile slander and that they are, at this moment in time, tucking into one.…

Autumn lentil and vegetable stew

Boy is this just about perfect for those cold autumn days. We currently have a gale battering the south coast of Britain and we need something warming and cosy. This might just be it. You could add a different mix of vegetables but root veggies work best with long slow cooking. serves 2 1 large…