Recipes from the Spice Rack

Christmas dinner Herbifit style.

Christmas dinner Herbifit style.

Before going Vegan I was worried about lack of variety in my diet, so many of my meals were based around cheeses and I just couldn’t see where I would find enough dishes to keep things interesting. In fact my diet is now more varied than ever and I am discovering new foods all the time. Going vegan forced me out of my rut and made me look at food in a new way.

This page is my attempt to log some of those things that I have been cooking and to help other people answer the question ‘What do vegans eat?’.

I assume that people reading are mainly looking for ideas rather than exact instructions, as that is how I cook but feel free to ask any questions here or on twitter and I’ll get back to you asap, i’d also welcome your ideas and feedback – thanks ūüôā

I have been working on and adapting these dishes  over the  last year so  look for the *New and Improved* banner.

7 thoughts on “Recipes from the Spice Rack

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  3. I linked to your blog through an article in the Guardian. I’m not one who usually reads blogs but yours is very well written and the layout is easy on the eyes. Quite informative. Keep up the good work!

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