Is veganism taking the world by storm?

I can’t imagine for a second that you haven’t seen this video yet. The joys of veganism right there on Saturday Night Live. What does this mean? Is veganism taking the world by storm? It seems every time I flick through a news paper or the tv channels veganism is getting a mention. Often positive, occasionally negative but always out there. Or at least that is how it seems.

It is tempting to get carried away and to feel that we are on the brink of a revolution but we need to be cautious. As a vegan I know I am subjected to observer bias. I see and remember those things that appeal to me. On top of this we have the issue that many of the articles appearing about veganism are actually about plant-based diets that have nothing to do with ending exploitation.

What do you think? Are we standing on the cusp of a vegan world? Are there any objective studies to show that things are changing or does hope blind us to the realities?


One thought on “Is veganism taking the world by storm?

  1. it is moving forward, but veganism is still really a very marginal affair, at least in Europe.
    It’s easy to get carried away, when you mainly read vegan forums, go to potlucks, etc. But sadly, once outside the ‘vegan bubble’ its’s a whole different story

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