Running goals

South Downs Way

South Downs Way (Photo credit: Hardo)

I am currently injured. Having got over the back and neck injury from a car accident that left me unable to run all summer I have now hurt my back again – this time playing squash and cycling. I figured I could sit and mope about it or I could cheer myself up by thinking about my running goals for the year ahead.

Having sat and moped for long enough I am turning to plan B πŸ™‚

  • Beachy Head Marathon. This is in a weeks time and I am hoping that my back will be fixed by then. I am as trained as I can be and a few more days off running is going to make no difference. It is a beautiful route although very hilly (and in places stair-y. The race director is pure evil genius) and I loved running it last year. I have no time goal in mind, it will just be good to put a disappointing summer behind me and prove I can still do it.
  • SDW 50. This will be my first ultra-marathon. 50 miles along the South Down Way from Worthing to Eastbourne. I know the route well, living along it and running sections of it every week so it should be a good option for a first ultra-marathon. It will also be just over a year since turning vegan and it will be good to see what I can put a vegan diet through.
  • TR24. I was hoping to take part in this last summer but the accident put pay to that so this year I am more determined than ever. The challenge is to see how many loops of a 10km route you can manage in 24hr. My target is 10 laps but we will see what the year brings.

Beyond this my primary goal is to enjoy my running and to always remember that it is what I do for fun. If I am not enjoying it I am doing something wrong.

I am feeling happier already πŸ™‚

What are your running goals for the year ahead? What is going to motivate you to pound out the winter miles on the trails?


4 thoughts on “Running goals

  1. Here are my running goals: 1.5km a minimum a day. One evening, next day one at night. Now with 1.1kg ankle weights every second day.
    Next is: 1 month with 2km a day a minimum.

    My goal is to reach 3km in 10 minutes flat.

    As you mention: Its for fun and I run with my dog as well. Most I focus on the awareness of the body and how the breath can flow freely.

    Thank you for a great blog-post.


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