Beachy Head Marathon?


Since hurting my back and neck in a car accident at the start of July I have barely run. A terrible waste of the summer. Now though I seem to be fixed and managed a nine mile run both Saturday and Sunday this weekend so I don’t seem to have lost too much fitness and now I am considering running Beachy Head Marathon again.

I love this route but boy is it brutal! Over 26 miles running up and down over the hills of the South Downs. After 18 miles the course takes you up 220 steep steps and then over the hills you see in the picture. Last year it took me just over 5 agonising hours to complete it but I felt amazing when I finally tumbled down the near vertical hill to the finish.

The route practically runs through my back yard and the views are wonderful looking over the Weald or the Sea at almost every point and it is that which really lifts you over the worst of the slopes. Last year I got carried away and headed off too fast, swept up by how good it feels to run on the trails, but at about 15 miles I was drained and it took a huge force of will to keep myself going. This year I will have no choice but to take it easier and just enjoy the sights.

You know what… it sounds like I have already decided I am running it 🙂

What is your favourite race? Trail or Road? Big City or small running club?


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