Fat to Fit Project – Week 1

Weight: 13st 5lb No change from last week. Still 5lb to goal.

Diet: Seems to be been very good. Averaging 80g of protein a day from a range of sources. Good calcium and iron intake. My RNI for calories is about 2500 and I am averaging 2300 and my calorie expenditure has actually been closer to 3000 each day. This would indicate that weight loss is a little more complex than just calories in being lower than calories out.

Fitness: Improving. My neck, back and shoulder injury is slowly improving. I am walk for up to an hour pain free and have been able to use my spin bike and even go out on a couple of short bike rides. The knee pain that I was suffering from earlier in the year seems to have been brought on by the spin bike though rather than running – doh! I’ll try and adjust the seat etc.

Goal for next week: Try and spin 5 nights for 30 min a time and carry on going out on the bke but remembering to rest afterward to give the muscles time to relax again. I’ll try running tomorrow and see how it goes. In terms of diet I need to make sure my calories do not fall too low – I need to investigate nutrient rich snacks. That should be fun 🙂

As always – advice and comments would be appreciated especially on

1) Ideas for vegan snacks

2) Getting back to fitness from injury

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